Electricity: The price Nigerians must pay, by Fashola


•Explains why he has no control over tariff •Envisions a brighter future for power sector performance

Babatunde RAJI Fashola, SAN, responds to these Frequently Asked Questions about the Nigerian Power Sector.Fashola, the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, explains that there is a price to pay to have improved electricity supply.

What are the components required for generating electricity?
Perhaps the place to start is to say that the whole purpose of this discussion is to simplify what appears to have become a very complex issue. And first to say that, Electricity is not different from what you and l learnt in our Physics in schools; Energy resulting in alternating current and all of the technical processes. But to say that if you remember the Principle of the Dynamo and the magnetic fields and all of that, that is really what it is all about.
Simply put, the power plants that we have are nothing but very big generators. Power plants are just multiples of the small generators we use at home and just as the generators use fuel, petrol or diesel, the big power plants also use fuel. The fuel sometimes is gas, sometimes it is water where you have hydro-plant, sometimes it is coal. So we just need to understand that we are dealing with big generators, there is no mystery about it.