Open Letter to Falana on Obasanjo’s Special Letter to Buhari – Blaise Aplogan


Dear Falana,

This is about your latest point on the political situation of Nigeria. Your reaction about the letter of Obasanjo was for me a cause of astonishment. I thought you were a clever man. But by lending your voice to those who are criticizing Obasanjo for his special letter  to Buhari, you really desappointed me.

About the letter, you said that on most points there was nothing to write home about. Still the question remains  whether there is anything wrong in what is said about Buhari’s government in the letter. And the answer is no : there is nothing wrong in what is said in the letter about Buhari and his government ! Nigeria has to move forward. Buhari’s government is not up to the task and besides it’s crippled with unfortunate woes of another age, like nepotism and impunity. All this leads to a bad governance and an inefficient government.

So, to my opinion, smartness requires – and that is alas one of the many differences between societies like European or Asian compared to Africa where we don’t know how to keep the measure –  to abstain from joining voice with those who are criticizing Obasanjo at this particular moment.

History will establish facts and deeds about Obasanjo. But now that God is using him to tell the urgent truth to Nigerians, it is not the appropriate time to criticize him. So for you to lend your voice to those who are criticizing him is for me a cause of desappointement.

I rest my case

Blaise Aplogan