Nigeria : Is Buhari squandering our goodwill?


by Obo Effanga

One year after the unprecedented election which saw Nigerians replace one president and government with another, many citizens are asking

several questions like “Where is the change”, “What really changed” and “Where is the magic wand”, among others. It is increasingly looking as if the immediate expected ends of the change of government are far from reality. The indices, especially on the economic front, paint not only a sad picture, but a frightening one at that. As the ship of state keeps drifting in the stormy seas, it seems many more believers in President Muhammadu Buhari’s capability to deliver on his responsibilities are having a rethink.

 The country has witnessed one of its worst energy crises of all times, particularly under a democracy. Getting petrol, and that at regulated price, has suddenly become like hitting gold and must come with much celebration. Power supply is simply epileptic at best, across the nation. We are in a conundrum because we cannot buy petrol for our vehicles and we cannot get it either to power our power generators as alternative to the failure of public power supply. And all these, happening at a time the weather is terribly hot, means that many citizens have been groaning and cursing.

It was in the middle of the above situation that the University of Lagos was shut down indefinitely, last week, following students’ protest about the poor welfare conditions in their school, occasioned